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Build Fortune is a wholesale site designated for the real estate enthusiast looking to invest in discount properties that the general public does not see.
Our prime market deals offer you a selection of real estate properties at discount prices allowing you to grow your real estate portfolio.

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What sets BuildFortune apart

With Build Fortune you get access to real estate investment opportunities that have been personally vetted by us!

Within minutes, you can use your Build Fortune account to browse hundreds of inexpensive, yet desirable real estate listings located thoughout US.

We offer investors the tools to buy and sell properties in one place. Since 2011, we've built a proven track record in helping Build Fortune members start their real estate investing careers using our model to buy discounted properties and resell them at a profit. Some investors start with as little as $1,000.
With Build Fortune you can browse, purchase and sell a wide variety of property types, including:

Land Flip Deals Land Flip Deals
Fix & Flip Properties "Fix & Flip" Properties
Cheap Houses Cheap Houses
Prime Bulk Deals Prime Bulk Deals
Resell With Owner Finance Terms Resell With Owner Finance Terms
Multi-Family Residential Properties Multi-Family Residential Properties
Rental Units With Positive Cash Flow Rental Units With Positive Cash Flow
Мobile & Trailer Homes Мobile & Trailer Homes

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Our real estate listings offer a wide variety of properties across the US.

Search for bulk package deals as well as individual flip opportunities.

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Our simple purchase process allows you to invest anytime, anywhere using our secure online process. At Build Fortune, our commitment to transparency means that the listing price you see is what you pay. Build Fortune has no hidden fees. Ever.

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Become a build fortune reseller and, when you're ready, sell your property through us. Learn our model and we'll make real estate inesting easy, fun and profitable.

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Build Fortune offers a distinctive approach to buying real estate.
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